Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online Application

In everyday routine money is a basic need. Sometimes we have a shortage of money and try for Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online Application Form. That provides a loan facility to needy ones and offers up to 6 months repayment plan. So we can easily the loan money for needs and repay it later.

Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online

SASSA is the South African Social Security Agency that allows the grant. This facility is only for the needy people who applied for it and qualify too. Easypay Loans Sassa gives you a loan of 100R to 2000R with a plan. They offer you a plan of 1 to 6 months for payment. Activate your EasyPay Everywhere account 3 months before applying for the loan. Fulfill the requirements and get the loan from ATM after approval. If nothing more than this fulfill your current needs. This is not complex because you can access the loan by Green Card too.

Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online Application

Eligibility Criteria for Easypay Loans

The eligibility criteria of the SASSA EasyPay The loan falls between these requirements. If you fulfill all these requirements, then you must be eligible for the loan. The requirements are;

  • South African Citizenship

A person who wants to apply for SASSA EasyPay The loan must have South African Citizenship and hold a green card.

  • EsayPay Everywhere Account

If you have an active account of EasyPay Everywhere for 3 or more months, then you are eligible. But if not then activate an account and apply for the loan after 3 months.

  • Age Limit

You must be 18 or above of age if you are applying for the loan.

  • Bank Confirmation

You must have to provide your bank account details. By this, they ensure that the loan can paid by the bank or not.

  • Bank Statement

SASSA needs your bank statement for the last three months. So that they verify your monthly income and financial status too.

  • Valid ID

You must have to prove yourself as a South African citizen. For this, you have to provide valid documents of your identity.

  • Payslip

For the loan repayment, they need proper evidence of your monthly income. So you have to show them your Payslip. You can visit sassa srd status check.

Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online Application

How Do I Apply for A Loan with Easypay:

A step-by-step process for applying for SASSA EasyPay The loan is;

  • The initial step for your loan application process is to dial 1303737*1 on your mobile.
  • When the call is connected dial your South African ID number on the mobile keyboard and press the send or call button.
  • Then you receive a menu that contains different options. Ask you to press a different number for the application processing.
  • While using the ATM, you have to enter a PIN that you received. It’s an additional security option to verify whether the user is authentic or not.
  • Enter your monthly expenses to verify that you are financially stable and repay the the loan easily.
  • Now you reach the point where you have to decide the loan amount. You received the application status after the selection. Maybe your application is approved or declined.
  • Read the complete procedure for Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite.

Benefits of Easypay loan

Following are some benefits of Easypay The loan;

  • If you have an Easypay Everywhere account for 3 months, then you can get a SASSA Easypay loan.
  • You can apply for The loan within 10 minutes.
  • You can easily access it everywhere.
  • It has high fingerprint security.
  • Easily get money from ATM after successful approval.

Important Points about Easypay Loans Sassa

Some important points for a SASSA Easypay The loaner;

  • A 10% interest rate is applied to SASSA EasyPay the loan.
  • A fee is charged for an SASSA loan and it depends on the amount you borrow. A flat fee is charged for a small amount and a percentage of your whole amount is applied as a fee on a large amount.
  • The loan must be paid on time otherwise some additional interest is applied and charged too.
  • If you didn’t pay the loan, then there’s a chance that you may be bank corrupted.
  • If your needs are not fulfilled with one loan, then you can take more loans but each loan has different terms and conditions. You have to pay all the loans in a small amount each month.

Easypay Loans SASSA Apply Online Application Form is an easy and quick way for a loan. You can get a small or large amount of the loan for up to 6 months at an interest rate. For the loan, you must be a South African citizen of 18+ years. You can apply within 10 minutes and get money from the ATM after successfully approval. Later on pay in small amounts and make your life comfortable.

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