How to Check Your RDP Status Online in South Africa

If you are looking to check the status of your RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) housing application, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. Understanding how to check your RDP status online can save you time and ensure you stay informed about your application.

What is the RDP Housing Programme?

The Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) is a South African socio-economic policy framework implemented by the government to address the immense social and economic needs of the country. The RDP housing programme provides low-cost housing to qualifying citizens, aiming to improve living conditions for the underprivileged.

Why Check Your RDP Status Online?

Checking your RDP status online offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: Access the status of your application from anywhere with internet access.
  • Time-Saving: Avoid the hassle of visiting government offices in person.
  • Instant Updates: Get real-time information on the progress of your application.

How to Perform an RDP Status Check Online

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you check your RDP status online:

Step 1: Visit the Official RDP Status Check Website

Open your web browser and go to the official RDP status check website. The specific URL for this service may vary, so ensure you are accessing an official government website to avoid scams or misinformation.

Step 2: Locate the Status Check Section

Once on the website, navigate to the section that allows you to check the status of your application. This is usually labeled as “Check Your Status” or “RDP Status Check”.

Step 3: Enter Your Details

You will need to provide some personal information to verify your identity and retrieve your application status. Typically, you will need:

  • ID Number: Your South African ID number.
  • Application Reference Number: The reference number you received when you submitted your application.

Step 4: Submit Your Request

After entering your details, click the “Submit” or “Check Status” button. The system will process your request and display the current status of your RDP application.

Step 5: Review Your Status

Your application status should now be displayed on the screen. Common statuses include:

  • Approved: Your application has been approved, and you will receive further instructions on the next steps.
  • Pending: Your application is still under review. Check back later for updates.
  • Rejected: Your application did not meet the necessary criteria. Contact the relevant department for more information.

RDP Status Check

Additional Methods to Check Your RDP Status

Using SMS

Some regions offer an SMS service to check your RDP status. To use this service:

  1. Send an SMS: Send your ID number to the designated number provided by the housing department.
  2. Receive Status: You will receive an SMS with the current status of your application.

Contacting the Housing Department

If you encounter any issues or prefer to speak to someone directly, you can contact the housing department:

  • Phone: Call the housing department’s helpline and provide your ID number and application reference number.
  • In-Person: Visit your nearest housing office with your ID and application reference number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to process an RDP application?

The processing time for RDP applications can vary. It typically takes several months to a few years, depending on the backlog and availability of resources.

2. What should I do if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, contact the housing department to understand the reasons for rejection and inquire about possible next steps or reapplication procedures.

3. Can I update my application information online?

Yes, many government websites allow you to update your personal information online. Visit the official RDP status check website and look for options to update your application details.

4. What if I forgot my application reference number?

If you have lost your application reference number, contact the housing department directly for assistance. They may be able to retrieve your reference number using your ID number and other personal information.

5. Is there a fee for checking my RDP status online?

No, checking your RDP status online is typically free of charge. Be cautious of any websites or services that ask for payment to check your status.

Tips for a Smooth RDP Status Check

  • Keep Your Information Handy: Have your ID number and application reference number ready before starting the status check process.
  • Check Regularly: Regularly check the status of your application to stay informed about any updates or required actions.
  • Use Official Channels: Always use official government websites or contact methods to avoid scams and ensure the accuracy of information.


Checking your RDP status online is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on your housing application. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily verify your application status and take the necessary steps based on the information provided. For more detailed information and updates, visit the official housing department website.

By staying informed and proactive, you can ensure a smoother and more transparent process in securing your RDP housing.

For further assistance or information, please visit the official South African Housing Department website or contact their helpline.