How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite

Get the details about How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite. If your application for the SASSA R350 grant has been approved, you should read this post. You can receive your payment in a variety of ways, such as through the post service, a bank account, or stores. If you want to receive it from stores, then there are several options. But the most suggested one is Shoprite. They have more than 3000 stores and franchise outlets there, so if you are concerned about long lines, this option is preferable. So, you don’t have to stand and wait long to receive the payment.

How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite?

If you are seeking How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite? The easiest method is available here.  You can collect the grant at Shoprite by simply opening an account and confirmation from SASSA. This will switch your payments from the previous destination to Shoprite stores.

How to login Shoprite Account and access SASSA payment

In order to receive the payments, you need to register first. You can choose between four options to register. The following steps should be followed for this objective.

Registration Process for Shoprite

For registration, choose any of the options that are mentioned below.

  • On your phone, dial *120*3534#. This will be followed by a confirmation message which will lead towards registration.
  • Another option is to save the WhatsApp number 087 240 5709 in your contacts. Send a message to this on WhatsApp. You will be registered following this process.
  • Go to the Play Store or App Store on your phone and download the Shoprite app. Open the app and after signup, you can register yourself there.
  • The last option you can follow is to visit the Money Market store where on the counter you can complete the registration process.

Many people wonder, Can I collect my R350 grant at Shoprite? when seeking convenient options for accessing their government assistance. And for that first they have to register at Shoprite. They can follow te above procedure.

How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite

Confirmation & Opening Account

  • The next step is to download the Bank Confirmation letter. This will allow you to transfer your SASSA payments from your bank.
  • The form is given below.
  • You can also get the form at the Shoprite store counter.
  • The form should be filled out and submitted to the SASSA office along with your original Identity card. 

How To Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite

Eligibility Check To Get Payment at Shoprite Store

Before doing anything else, make sure SASSA has approved you for the grant. You get the confirmation message through an SMS or a letter. If you received it, it means you are eligible for it.

Collect R350 Grant at Shoprite Store

After this, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Prepare the Necessary Documents including the application form and your original ID
  • Visit Your Nearest Shoprite store counter
  • Present Your Documents duly filled
  • Verification will be done by the staff
  • After the confirmation, you will be able to collect your grant

Advantages of Shoprite Account

If you switch your payments to a Shoprite account, there are several benefits you get that are mentioned below.

  • You don’t have to pay any charges after every month. When you withdraw money, only R5 will be charged. Only a withdrawal fee is charged and on other transactions, there is no fee. 
  • Balance inquiries through SMS notifications help clients keep track of their balance. 
  • You can use any of the more than 25,000 till points at Shoprite, Checkers, and Usave supermarkets across the country to deposit and withdraw cash to avoid long lines and expensive ATM fees.
  • For money transfers, airline tickets, data, electricity, grocery gift cards, bills, and groceries made through mobile devices, there are no fees.
  • If there is any problem you can call SASSA helpline Number.

If your intention is to switch accounts to stores, then we assure you Shoprite is the best option. With so many benefits and easy withdrawal of payments, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. So, that’s all about How to collect R350 grant at Shoprite. Hopefully, you got all the answers to your queries.