SASSA Foster Care Grant

A SASSA Forster Care Grant is paid to the foster parents for bringing up the foster child into a happy and healthy environment. The SASSA Officers also cross-check the foster parents often. An SASSA Foster Care Grant is a type of grant that facilitates the foster parents and foster children. This grant is only for those foster parents who adopt a child legally from Children’s Court. A Foster care grant is paid to those foster parents whose children fall between 0 to 18 years old. But if the child is still in secondary school then the foster grant is exceeded till 21 years of age.

SASSA Foster Care Grant

With the help of SASSA Foster Care Grant foster parents fulfill all the needs of the foster child including food, clothing, education, and health too. SASSA Officers check them timely even if they are allowed to access the child too.

Eligibility Criteria

You must Qualify for the SASSA Foster Care Grant if you and your child fulfill these requirements;

  • The child is less than 18 years of age.
  • The child and parents must live in South Africa.
  • The foster parents must be adopting the child legally from the Children’s Court.
  • The foster parents must be citizens of South Africa or maybe refugees from any other foreign nation.
  • A child who needs protection and care in South Africa is called a foster child. The child may be from any other country or the South African Residence. Maybe he is a refugee or undocumented.
  • The child must be in your care.
  • The foster parents must have to pass the Foster Care Grant Test.

SASSA Foster Care Grant

How to apply for Foster Care Grant

When you are going for applying for the foster care grant, must visit the Social Development Department. Arrange a meeting with the social worker to access the Court Order. The social worker helps you in getting a reconfirmation order of legal foster parents from the Children’s Court. That plays a very important for accessing grants.

Now you can easily apply for the SASSA Foster Care Grant by visiting the nearest SASSA office. You can get the application form from the nearest SASSA Office and complete it in the presence of an officer. So that if you face any difficulty then the SASSA Officer assist you. After that, you receive a receipt with the date stamped on it. Secure this receipt because it is the only proof of your applied application. This whole application process is free.


The following documents are required for the application;

  • An ID of Foster parents that are bar-coded.
  • The court order document verifies that the child is legally adopted.
  • Birth certificate of the foster child if not then RSA or non-RSA identity document. If none of these then fill out the other alternative document of SASSA for the foster care grant application.
  • Proof of your relationship status. Like;
  • Marriage certificate for married ones.
  • Divorce orders if you are divorced.
  • Partner death certificate if dead.
  • You must submit your sworn statement.

If your application is accepted, then you are paid from the date when you legally adopt the child. If your grant application is rejected, then you are informed of the reason. After that, it’s your right you request them to reconsider your application if you are not satisfied with the decision. If the reconsideration decision is still the same then you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development. Also, note down all SASSA Payment Dates.

Age limit

The foster child’s age must be less than 18 years. The foster child care grant is paid to the parents until the child becomes 18 years older. After that, it may be exceeded to 21 years only if the child is still attending secondary school. Also, read i lost my sassa reference number.

How Much Is Foster Care Grant?

SASSA Foster Care Grant of R1 130 is paid to the foster parents every month. So that they can properly take care of the child and fulfill all the necessary needs. These include good feeding, clothes, education, and health. A SASSA Officer often visits and meets the child. They keep a check and balance over the parents too. The foster grant amount changes after every 6 months. It is usually changing in April and October.