SASSA Payment Dates 2024

You will be getting all the details about SRD SASSA Payment Dates here. If you are selected for this program, then you may be now looking for the dates of payment. Government payments for this grant are made on a monthly basis by the government in order to support this project. These payments are categorized into three different sections including Older, Disabled, and Children. So, if you are among those who are eligible for this program, your payment is on the way. Now, to check the dates of receiving it, this post will help you. Scroll down to get the R350 SASSA Payment Dates schedule in this post.

SASSA Payment Dates 2024

SASSA Grant Payment Schedule for July 2024

  • Older Person’s Grants: Paid from Tuesday, 2 July 2024
  • Disability Grants: Paid from Wednesday, 3 July 2024
  • Children’s Grants: Paid from Thursday, 4 July 2024

Important Reminder

  • No Rush to Withdraw Cash: Once your grant money is deposited into your account, it will remain there until you need it. There is no need to withdraw the funds immediately.

[COVID-19 SRD] June 2024 Payment Dates

Payments for clients approved for June 2024 will be processed from June 24 to June 29, 2024. Clients are encouraged to check their status on the SRD website to find out the exact date when the payment will be deposited into their bank accounts.

Month Older Persons Disability Grants Children’s Grants
April 2024 2024/04/03 2024/04/04 2024/04/05
May 2024 2024/05/03 2024/05/06 2024/05/07
June 2024 2024/06/03 2024/06/05 2024/06/06
July 2024 2024/07/02 2024/07/03 2024/07/04
August 2024 2024/08/02 2024/08/05 2024/08/06
September 2024 2024/09/03 2024/09/04 2024/09/05
October 2024 2024/10/02 2024/10/03 2024/10/04
November 2024 2024/11/02 2024/11/04 2024/11/05
December 2024 2024/12/03 2024/12/04 2024/12/05
January 2025 2025/01/03 2025/01/06 2025/01/07
February 2025 2025/02/03 2025/02/05 2025/02/06
March 2025 2025/03/04 2025/03/05 2025/03/06

The SASSA Payment Dates have been officially released to assist beneficiaries in planning their monthly budgets. There are different kinds of programs in which the citizens are granted aid. These grants include Care dependency, child support, disability, older persons, foster child, social relief of distress, grant-in-aid, and some more.

Next SASSA Payment Dates are given above. For optimal financial planning, it’s essential to understand when you can expect your SASSA grant payments. These dates are typically released by SASSA well in advance, allowing beneficiaries to plan accordingly. Also, check SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date

However, it’s important to note that these dates can be subject to change due to public holidays or other unforeseen circumstances. Also, read Why is My SASSA R350 Approved but No Payment

SASSA Old Age Grant Payment Date: 

This grant is given to the old age citizens and permanent residents of South Africa. The lower age limit for the sassa Grant For Old Age is 60 years for eligibility. The government pays R2080 monthly to them. In addition, if the age is more than 75 years, an additional R20 is given to them. The payment date for Old Age Grant 2024 is given below.

Month Payment Date
April 2024 2024/04/03
May 2024 2024/05/03
June 2024 2024/06/03
July 2024 2024/07/02
August 2024 2024/08/02
September 2024 2024/09/03
October 2024 2024/10/02
November 2024 2024/11/02
December 2024 2024/12/03
January 2025 2025/01/03
February 2025 2025/02/03
March 2025 2025/03/04


All the grants will be given starting from these days. You will get your payments accordingly. If you do not receive, then contact the officials.

SASSA Payment Dates

SASSA Disability Grant Payment Date

The disability grant is for those who have any disability. This disability must be proved in a medical report and this report should be less than 3 months old at the time of application. Disabled citizens are given monthly R2100 through this program. So, let’s check the dates when the payments are given.

Month Payment Date
April 2024 2024/04/04
May 2024 2024/05/06
June 2024 2024/06/05
July 2024 2024/07/03
August 2024 2024/08/05
September 2024 2024/09/04
October 2024 2024/10/03
November 2024 2024/11/04
December 2024 2024/12/04
January 2025 2025/01/06
February 2025 2025/02/05
March 2025 2025/03/05


SASSA Children Grant Payment Date

This aid is for those who are financially not able to take good care of their children. So, if you want to provide good support to your children, then this grant is going to help you. The government will pay you R500 per month for this program. Following are the dates when the payment starts each month.

Month Payment Date
April 2024 2024/04/05
May 2024 2024/05/07
June 2024 2024/06/06
July 2024 2024/07/04
August 2024 2024/08/06
September 2024 2024/09/05
October 2024 2024/10/04
November 2024 2024/11/05
December 2024 2024/12/05
January 2025 2025/01/07
February 2025 2025/02/06
March 2025 2025/03/06


Sassa Srd Payment Dates:

  • COVID-19 SRD payment dates are set for the 2024 financial year.
  • Clients should check the SRD website during pay week for the specific payment reflection date in their bank accounts.
  • After payment processing, it will take 2-3 working days for funds to appear in the client’s account.

SASSA SRD Payment Dates

Also, read sassa appeal for r350.

Payment Safety Tips:

While receiving the payments, you are advised to follow some instructions to avoid any fraud or theft. 

  • It is strongly advised to refrain from collecting payments directly from outlets or stores if they have the option to receive payment directly into their account. After sending the payment, you’ll receive a notification, and the funds will be accessible in your account.
  • When receiving payment from a store or outlet, it’s advisable to wait for 2-3 days after the availability of the amount. This is because the first day tends to be very busy, and waiting a couple of days ensures there are no uncertainties.
  • When using an ATM, do not trust anyone who offers to help you. If you encounter any problems, contact the SASSA helpline or seek assistance from your family or friends.
  • It’s important to keep your account’s PIN confidential. Do not share this information with anyone.

These were the complete details about SASSA Payment Dates. You can check the payment dates here, and this will help you learn when you will receive your payment for the current year. It is advised that you speak with the SASSA helpline and describe any problems you may be having. In conclusion, this is all about SASSA Payment Dates 2024. Ideally, this information has all the necessary specifics. Understanding sassa status check for r350 payment dates for 2024 can significantly enhance your financial planning.