When will the SASSA R350 End

If you are an applicant for the SASSA R350 grant then you must hear that SASSA R350 is ending soon. But a question arises When will the SASSA R350 end? After that many applicants are worried. SASSA is a South African company that facilitates needy persons. It’s a basic and disturbing question for all those needy persons. Don’t worry the SASSA R350 grant expiry is extended 1 more year.

SASSA R350 Extend March 2024

 You will be glad to know that the Financial Minister has announced the extension of the grant. In his budget speech of 2023, he announced that 36 billion are fixed for the payment of Covid-19 SRD grant payment. The users want to know When will the SASSA R350 End? and the answer is here. This grant is paid till 31st March 2024. After that, it may be ended.

When will the SASSA R350 End

South Africa Social Security Agency helped the poor and unemployed people during the COVID-19 time when all the activities were stuck at a time. Many people lost their jobs and became unemployed. At that difficult time, SASSA started paying R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant to those people and still paying. But the closing news disturb the 10 million audience whose basic living expenses are based on R350 SRD grant.

Are There Plans to Make the SRD R350 Grant Permanent?

Although the Social Relief of Distress grant R350 provides a lot of benefits during the lockdown. But still, it is not permanent due to the budget and the increment of grants. In the budget speech, the Minister of Finance declared that the expected growth of SRD grants per year is 8.8% and according to this increased rate, the finance of grants will reach R64.9 billion by 2030 or 2031. So if we plan to make the SRD R350 grant permanent then it means the revenue increase on permanent basics.

The Origins of the R350 Grant

Due to the severe attack of COVID-19, all the businesses were closed, the unemployment rate increased and the economy down. People not only lose their jobs but also lose their income. The South African residents living in poverty. At that time South Africa Social Security Agency announced the SRD grant of R350. Initially, in 2020 it is decided that the grant is paid for 6 months only. But later on extended for more months of 2021. Still, the South Africans receive the grant and even receive it till March 2024.

Extensions and Adjustments of the SASSA grant

As the covid-19 affected the lives of many people and they lost their dear ones. They also lost their jobs, income, and comfortable life. The government healed the South African citizens by introducing an SRD grant. So that they start their business and live a comfortable life. This many extensions of grants are introduced too. But each time more calls are received for increasing the grant amount.

Every year the grant applicants are increased in large amounts so the grant amount remains R350. Many experts declare that the SRD grant is a way of helping people, they grow from financial issues and take care of themselves or start a small business from this amount. Nearly 10 million applicants are excess by SASSA every month and more than 6.5 million receive the SASSA grant successfully. From the start till now SASSA nearly spent an amount of R16 billion on the Social Relief of Distress grant. You can check SASSA R350 Payment Dates.

Many of us receive the SASSA R350 grant monthly and fulfill our desires. Many of us listen to the closing news of the SRD grant and think When will the SASSA R350 End? So don’t worry you have some more time. This grant facilitates many of the South African citizens who live in poverty. Initially, the SRD grant is paid to the applicants for 6 months but later on extended to some months and continues. In the 2023 budget plan, it is declared that the applicants can receive these grants for a few months. After the 31st of March 2024, you won’t receive the R350 SRD grant further.